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The Freemasons of Essex and the surrounding region invite you to visit our Masonic Lodges anytime you are in our area.  See our contact page for information regarding which Lodge, where and when we meet. 


kidsFollowing the release of world famous books, movies and the easy access to information through the internet, an increasing number of people have become interested in discovering more about Freemasonry.  Should your curiosity be aroused and you would like to know more, or maybe you have been considering joining a Masonic Lodge, then this website can assist you find more information.  We welcome the opportunity to discuss any enquiry you may have about Freemasonry.


All Masonic Lodges are constantly welcoming new members and if you have the intrinsic qualities required to become a Freemason, then consider joining one of our Lodges.  You never know, we may be able to provide that special something you feel is missing from your life.


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